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Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition, and Stabilization (PEARS)

Course Description

The PEARS Provider Course prepares healthcare providers caring for pediatric patients with foundational skills to assess, recognize, and participate in the initial management of respiratory and/or cardiovascular emergencies and cardiopulmonary arrest. Active case-based instruction will be used to teach students to provide appropriate lifesaving interventions within the initial minutes after response until the child is transferred to an advanced life support provider.

The Heart and Stroke Foundations PEARS Course offers:

  • The latest resuscitation science for improved patient outcomes
  • Enriched course content, including simulations, state-of-the-art 3-D animations, video scenarios and thought-provoking examples of real pediatric emergency cases, engaging students in robust dialogue and confirming their understanding of the educational material they have received.
  • Enhanced features that provide course flexibility, by allowing instructors to incorporate local protocols into their training, while still ensuring that all learning objectives are met.

The goal of the PEARS Provider Course is to improve outcomes for pediatric patients by preparing healthcare providers in assessment, early recognition, prompt communication, and initial intervention in patients with respiratory emergencies, shock, and cardiopulmonary arrest by using high-performance team dynamics.

Intended Audience

The Heart & Stroke Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition, and Stabilization (PEARS) Course is for healthcare professionals and others who might encounter pediatric emergency situations during their work, including Physicians and nurses not specializing in pediatrics, Nurse practitioners, Physician assistants, EMS, Respiratory therapists, Prehospital and in-facility healthcare providers (outside of critical-care areas), Outpatient clinic staff, School-based providers and any other healthcare professional who infrequently sees critically ill or injured infants and children.

Course Overview and Design

The Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition, and Stabilization (PEARS®) Provider Course is designed to give students the opportunity to acquire, practice, and demonstrate proficiency in the assessment and management of critically ill pediatric patients. The primary educational methodology used in the course is that of simulation, whether for skill acquisition, complex medical decision-making, or teamwork. Other modalities used are video demonstration and group discussion.

Students will have the opportunity to learn the following:

  • Performing child and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Using oxygen delivery and airway management equipment
  • Using shock management equipment and a method for giving rapid fluid boluses
Pediatric assessment:
  • A systematic approach Medical management:
  • 4 types of acute respiratory problems
  • 2 types of acute circulatory problems
  • 2 types of cardiac arrest
  • Communication and other important elements of team dynamics as they relate to resuscitation

Students are required to be tested for competency in child and infant basic life support (BLS).

PEARS Course Duration:

Course durations provided are based upon a student-instructor ratio for learning stations of 6:1, and does not include additional times needed for breaks or transitions, or additional students. There are optional lesson plans that Instructors may use, this will add to this time.

Provider Course – Approximate course duration: 8 hours with breaks.

PEARS Renewal Course – There is No Renewal course for PEARS.

The PEARS course is designed for those students that do not see sick or injured children on a frequent basis, therefor to ensure students acquire, practice, and can demonstrate proficiency; PEARS students must complete the provider course every two years. Course completion card expiration date: All Heart & Stroke PEARS course completions cards have an expiration date of two (2) years from the date of completion

PEARS Provider Course Prerequisites:

Students must prepare adequately to enable successful completion of the PEARS Provider Course. This course does not teach BLS skills. Thus, before taking the course, students must have a current (taken within the last 12 months and current to the most recent Guidelines) Heart & Stroke BLS course completion card.

Required Student Materials:

  • PEARS Provider Manual

From Fouad Majeed...

I went there thinking Oh here comes two days of boring videos and same routine CPR. I was in for a surprise, I think this was the most interactive and enjoyable experience. The group was fairly small and information was provided by most seasoned people who practiced the art themselves and gave valuable tips and relevant feedback which would be very valuable for me in my practice setting as well other folks in the group.

From Eric Motycka...

I took the course in Calgary on April 11/12 and it was a fantastic experience. Most of my friends who have taken the course from other sources told me they felt a great deal of stress and felt overwhelmed, however I felt it was very student friendly. The instructor was very knowledgeable and made sure everyone had all the information needed to succeed at both the written and any practical testing we underwent. As well he made sure to keep the atmosphere light to reduce any feeling of unease that anyone might have had.

From Brenda Lazariuk...

Back to back weekends with PALS and ACLS and I can testify that this was the best courses I have ever taken!!!! Stress free and fun, thanks to you Chris .Your wealth of knowledge and experience helped make these courses exciting. Love all your cool ideas that you have brought to teaching to help remember different areas e.g.. H/T’s. I honestly say that I walked away from these courses feeling comfortable.

PEARS Provider Course Fees (1-Day Program)

Option 1 Course Fees Only


  • Great Experience
  • Completion Card From The Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • Small Class Size

Option 2 Includes Textbook


  • Great Experience
  • Completion Card From The Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • Small Class Size
  • INCLUDES – 2015 PEARS Provider Textbook

Option 3 Includes BLS


  • Great Experience
  • Completion Card From The Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • Small Class Size
  • INCLUDES – Integrated BLS Provider Course

Option 4 Includes BLS & Textbook


  • Great Experience
  • Completion Card From The Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • Small Class Size
  • INCLUDES – 2015 PEARS Provider Textbook
  • INCLUDES – Integrated BLS Provider Course

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